Bad Policies

We currently have a city ran by individuals who are separated from reality. Making policies based on the assumption that we live in a society that bad people don't exist and people will obey the laws the more murals they put up to encourage people to stop speeding will lead people to obey the law is a fallacy of utopian ideals.

Reimagining Policing

Under Reimagining Policing we were supposed to demonstrate our on-going commitment to implement policy and cultural changes to address the disproportionate impact of police violence on people of color and other affected communities. (

What We Got

Under Reimagining Policing we had our murder rate double impacting the communities they sought out to protect. The elimination of 911 to 311 and an increase in wait times to contact emergency services has led to an increase crime. Criminals know our police are severally understaffed and overworked. Unable to respond to calls in a timely manner it has bolden criminals to be more active as we have seeing Jugging cases where people are followed home from the bank and robbed with 84 cases just this year. (

Vision Zero

In 2016 the Austin City Council passed Vision Zero with "hopes" to get to zero deaths by 2025 after a record breaking 102 people died on Austin's roads in 2015.

What We Got

Fast forward 7 years to 2021 Austin reaches 120 fatalities on their roads. (



  • Budget and start coordinating Cadet Classes to get more officers into the pipeline to move past the attrition rate. Coordinating with other jurisdictions to use their training facilities to push through more Cadet Classes in between their Cadet Classes.

  • Look for creative ways to encourage retired /resigned police officers to come back to APD.

  • The contract and pension system will play a part in how effective recruiting will be in the future. This is important to be competitive with other departments across the country/state.


  • Add financial incentives to the current staffing where officers are willing to stay to keep the experience, knowledge and talent in the department.

  • Ensure contract negotiations are proceeding in a positive, timely manner to create a positive atmosphere for the current employees to show they are valued.

  • Reduce City of Austin leadership’s animosity toward police, which in turn will bring a more positive work environment for the officers while they do an already difficult job with limited resources.