If you live in ATX, you've either read, experienced, or witnessed the increase in crime. Our current mayor who eagerly waits for the day we no longer need police will tell us the increase in crime is due to city growth.

The “Defund The Police” movement drastically impacted the staffing numbers within Austin PD. When you add the fact our city officials continue to allow individuals with mental health and/or drug addiction issues to camp on the street this creates an unsafe environment not only for those who are homeless but also for everyone else. There are 3 building blocks to decrease crime.

✅ Shelter/Treat Homelessness & End Panhandling
✅ Setup Temporary Shelter w/ requirement of at least nine (9) months proof of residency in Travis County
✅ Coordinate w/ Community First Village, Austin Salvation Army Rehab Center, Central Health, Austin's Free Vocational Training (if needed to get back into the workforce), local non-profits, and church leaders who help those facing homelessness & w/ addiction/mental health issues to get these individuals the services they need to get back on their feet and self-sufficient.
✅ Enforce the camping ban. Sue cities/states who provide funding or a bus ticket to their homeless to Austin
✅ Set up financial assistance programs for those who are only weeks or months away from becoming homeless. Requiring them to work with a social worker and take financial literacy courses to improve their budgeting to avoid future mistakes or misshapes that may lead to them ending up potentially homeless in the future.
✅ Restaff Police Dispatchers, EMS, PD Patrol Units, Narcotics Division, Detectives & Organized Crime.
✅ Enforce the laws we have (46% of the solved murders for 2021 were by individuals put back on the street after previous charges were dropped, reduced, or allowed out on low bail after a violent crime)