Government Transparency

There should be no reason to withhold information, rush items through to a vote, only to find many things withheld or suppressed that would affect it from passing:

I support the following:

✅Open Source Budget. All funds must be tracked down to the dollar in how they are spent and available to the public.
✅All measures that the council vote on must be posted 30 days prior for the public to review.
✅Require Council Members to schedule 1 Town hall meeting every other month for open comments 5-10mins per person.
✅Require a plan of action on each item that is being voted on:
- Who originally proposed the item and all who coordinated in drafting the proposal
- How they've come to the total requested amount of funds
- How will it be implemented
- Quarterly after-action report. If it fails to meet the expected outcome, how will it be changed and/or end the program due to failure? Instead of continuing to fund failing programs.