Cost of Living

Every election year we hear we need more "Affordable Housing." Yet every year more and more people are being taxed out of their homes that they've lived in for 10, 20, 30+ years. Property taxes don't just impact homeowners. That cost is also passed on to renters.

When it comes to building new single-family homes builders are seeing a 20% increase in construction costs due to delays in ATX permitting and inspection process. These delays impact builders as the cost of materials are constantly changing due to supply chain issues and inflation. Creating a streamlined process for new construction in single-family homes will drastically help in reducing the cost of new builds.

✅Lower Property Taxes
✅Lower City Fees
✅Lower Utility Costs
✅Balanced Budget (Cut wasteful spending and redundancies)
✅Reduce the number of redundancies required to build single-family homes by streamlining the permitting process and reducing building fees.