About Me

I’m proud to call Austin home, just like all my fellow Austinites. We live in such an amazing oasis here in the great state of Texas. However, out-of-control spending and power-hungry politicians have created challenges for residents and our future here in Austin.


A great leader knows how to handle high-stress situations while keeping emotions out of their decision-making process. I’m fourth-generation Army, my family has served this country going back to World War I. This family patriotism instilled a sense of duty in me, and I enlisted at the age of 18. By the time I was 20, I deployed to Afghanistan where I served as a combat engineer. During my 11 months of deployment, my day-to-day job was locating and extracting explosives with a mine detector and shovel. You can say, at a very young age, I learned to handle high-stress situations.


As your next District 1 Council Member, I pledge to restore normalcy to our city. My goals include:


  • Reducing the homeless population

  • Restore policing levels to reduce crime

  • Lowering Property Taxes/Reduce Government Spending


I also learned early on that service to others is essential to creating a thriving community. My mother, who was active in our community, instilled this in me at a young age. In elementary school, I was part of a group, who fought for a skate park to be built and I was ultimately appointed to serve on my city’s Skate Park Task Force. Our group was tasked with helping to design the features of a new skate park in our town. My Mom’s service as a council member, parks & recreation chairman, transportation authority chairman, educational foundation president and historic trust board member immersed me and my siblings into service of others through city clean-ups, highway grand openings and revitalization of historic buildings in our town.


My Mom taught me the importance of serving one’s community – something I WILL do as your next Council Member.


During my lifetime, I’ve been an active community member and I’ve served my country, both as a soldier, as well as a civilian police officer at a military nuclear site. As a small business owner, I know the struggles firsthand that other business owners have experienced because of COVID and look forward to helping those businesses recover and rebuild. All these life experiences have taught me patience and have provided me with a solution-oriented mindset, backed by critical thinking.


I have the leadership skills necessary to be your next council member and I promise to listen to residents and fight for our community – VOTE for Clinton Rarey for District 1 Council Member!